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Our Team


John Rix

As Founder, President and Principal Director of Architecture for ARCHITECTRONIX, INC., John Rix was in the forefront of the design industry effort to systemize the architectural process with the advent of CADD and continues to integrate advancements in design technology with practical application and ever a keen eye for timeless aesthetics.

The highest quality work demands the highest quality people.


Scott Duffner
Scott Duffner

Development Director

Scott received his degree in business administration from the University of Oklahoma while serving as managing director and co-broker of his family’s residential and commercial development and brokerage firms.

Madeleine Rix

Marketing Specialist

Madeleine brings fresh ideas and a renewed sense of purpose to a firm that’s synonymous with the Rix family name. Like most digital natives, she’s completely comfortable using her marketing services background to enhance Architectronix’s electronic presence and leverage emerging technologies to the benefit of our clients.

Mao Nguyen

Senior Drafter

As the lead CADD Services Technician for Architectronix, Mao serves as the primary interface between inside and outside consultation services. When he isn’t coordinating access to all project background drawing files for consistency among consultant teams, he’s managing the .ftp drawing upload process across all projects.

Debbie Corrigan
Debbie Corrigan


For more than 25 years, Debbie has helped keep Architectronix running smoothly by providing administrative leadership and support for internal staff and outside consultants. In addition to her considerable OSHPD coordination and interfacing skills, she provides verification and follow up of projects with all governing agencies. She’s also a vital part of our client service infrastructure, helping manage the approval process and keeping you fully appraised of project status and milestones.

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